SUNKEAN passes the TÜV Süd certification of 2000V cable for PV power generation system Jan 02,2024

For a long time, the high cost of power generation has been one of the main factors restricting the development of the photovoltaic industry, and how to reduce costs and improve power generation efficiency has become the core issue of the photovoltaic industry. By raising the voltage to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, it has become a recognized and concerned research trend in the industry. As a result, the market demand for 2000V photovoltaic power generation systems is increasing, and products that meet the relevant standards are also emerging.

SUNKEAN PPP 58209 PV2000V DC (TC5) Product Certification

On December 27, 2023, TÜV SÜD issued a TÜV SÜD Certificate of Approval based on Technical Specification Standard PPP 58209 for SUNKEAN's 2000V cable products for photovoltaic power generation systems, which signifies that SUNKEAN's cables have passed the professional and rigorous safety assessment, testing and approval, and have excellent electrical, mechanical, and environmental climate resistance properties.

How can 2000V DC cables reduce costs and increase efficiency?

Reduce input costs

Stringing more modules: Reducing the number of inverters, convergence boxes, and other electrical products reduces the initial investment cost, which saves the overall BOS cost (system cost other than PV modules) and LCOE cost (average cost per unit of electricity).

Reduced transmission system cost: The higher the current, the thicker the wire required and the more material used. Therefore, by increasing the voltage, the current is lowered and the amount of material used is saved.

Reduced O&M costs: the system power density is increased, the size is reduced; the number of electrical products is reduced, and the number of points of failure is reduced. Ultimately, it greatly saves the consumption of labor and material resources in transportation and maintenance.

Enhancement of utilization efficiency

Reduced line loss: Higher input and output voltage levels can reduce current and heat generation, which helps to reduce line loss on the AC and DC sides and improve utilization efficiency.

Environmental weather resistance: It can be adapted to long-term permanent use in outdoor changing and harsh weather conditions.

Pioneering and Innovating

Consistent with industry consensus, the increase of DC system voltage to 2000V will contribute to reducing PV power station system cost and improving efficiency, thus promoting the significant reduction of PV power generation cost. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on PV cables and harnesses, SUNKEAN always keeps up with emerging certifications, providing the latest products and services.

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