SUNKEAN's 2023 annual conference celebration has come to a successful conclusion. Jan 30,2024

At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed, as the saying goes, "New Year brings new atmosphere."At this moment full of hope and longing, SUNKEAN's friends are full of anticipation, leaving their signatures on the check-in wall and drawing New Year's red envelopes representing good luck. We hope that everyone can have good luck in the new year and their financial luck will be rolling!

Before the official start of the luncheon, SUNKEAN General Manager Wang Dongsheng delivered a New Year's speech, leading everyone to review our achievements in 2023 and summarize the challenges and difficulties encountered. And set development goals and plans for SUNKEAN in 2024.In the new year, may we and SUNKEAN embrace every bright and hopeful tomorrow together!

Amidst applause from the entire audience, the annual meeting welcomed the award ceremony for SUNKEAN's outstanding employees, fighters, accomplished customers, outstanding teams, sales champions and runners up, outstanding contributions, outstanding managers, and outstanding teams in 2023.

Every hard work is an accumulation, and efforts will eventually be recognized and rewarded. These award-winning colleagues are diligent, willing to give, and contribute their value to the company with the most down-to-earth actions.

They are not only pushing forward for SUNKEAN, but also promoting the globalization process of green and clean energy, and working together with SUNKEAN to build a greener, cleaner, lower carbon, and better world!

The members of the SUNKEAN family not only spare no effort in their work, but also make every effort in their talent performances and keep them hidden. We took turns performing one exciting program after another, and the audience below cheered loudly!

Games and lucky draws are the most anticipated stages for everyone, as "One circle to the End" and "You show me and I'll guess" all test the participants' teamwork ability.

One of SUNKEAN's core values is "teamwork". Mount Taishan can only move if people are united. A trickle flows into the sea, and broken stones can form mountains. A small force is difficult to achieve, and gathering will have no limit!

The rich and diverse prizes are another highlight of the annual conference: mobile phones, tablets, watches, floor scrubbers... Waiting ignited everyone's enthusiasm and expectations, and cheers kept coming from the scene.

Looking back at 2023, we dare to fight and venture, never stopping.Looking ahead to 2024, we will work together to create a bright future.Wanxiang updates us and SUNKEAN, jointly writing a brilliant chapter of time.May every day shine with the light of hope, and every step embark on a successful journey.

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