Connection Solution

Connection Solution

  • Solar Cable
    Solar Cable
    We provide comprehensive connection solutions for photovoltaic power plants. According to the specific needs of the projects, we would provide you with exclusive customized services.
  • High Performance Solar Cable
    High Performance Solar Cable
    We will provide more high performance for your regular solar cable, such as waterproof, fireproof, direct burial, etc. At the same time, there are also special models of cables to provide anti-ant performance.
  • Solar Cable Assembly
    Solar Cable Assembly
    We offer individual cable solutions for professional and safe cabling. Pre-assembled solutions ensure consistently high levels of quality and speed up assembly.
  • Solar Connector
    Solar Connector
    SUNKEAN provides solar connectors are ideally suited for connecting solar cables, connection to photovoltaic panels and for connection to solar inverters.
  • Energy Storage Cable
    Energy Storage Cable
    Energy storage cables are an indispensable part of the energy storage system. Mainly used for batteries connection, batteries and shunt boxes connection, and connection between batteries and inverters.

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