Why is SUNKEAN's CVT so popular? Dec 08,2023

With the deepening of industrialization, the demand for special cables in various industries is increasing day by day. How to meet the needs of different users and scenarios has become a difficult problem that cable companies urgently need to overcome. SUNKEAN has been deeply rooted in the field of energy connection for a long time, with deep accumulation in research and development, technology, production, quality control, and service.

I.Profile analysis

China CVT Solar Cable

CVT aluminium Solar Cable

CVT cable(abbreviated as "XLPE insulated ethylene sheathed cable") : It is a JIS standard product, which is a power cable twisted from a single core CV cable. It is a cable used for all power transmission and distribution from low voltage to high voltage and is commonly used in factories, parking lots, outdoor areas, and so on, sometimes also called a three-core cable. Compared to 3-core CV cables, CVT cables are non-interference, lighter in weight, allow for greater current, have slightly better heat dissipation, are more prone to bending, and even if a single wire grounding accident occurs in the cable, they will not easily spread or migrate to short circuits between wires.

II.correlation properties

CVT cables have excellent electrical performance, high insulation resistance, high flexibility, moisture and heat resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, ozone/ultraviolet resistance, and other properties. Compared with conventional low-voltage cables, it has excellent heat resistance and can handle larger allowable currents.

III.Widely used

CVT cables have been widely used in the power industry, and their reliability has been verified in consumer settings. CVT cables are suitable for wiring in junction boxes, power plants and tunnels, general factories and buildings, and can also be applied to commercial facilities, factories, research facilities, schools, hospitals, and any type and scale of building.

IV.International Certification

In 2020, SUNKEAN devoted himself to the independent research and development of CVT cables, continuously updating and improving them for more than two years. Finally, in 2023, he successfully obtained the authoritative JET certification in Japan, can better serve Japanese customers and meet the needs of the Japanese market, lay the foundation. SUNKEAN always adheres to customer-centric, quality-oriented, continuous innovation, and continuous improvement. Persist in building safer, greener, more efficient, and more economical renewable energy solutions.

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