Anti-Grass cloth

Ground Cover Weed Mat Anti-Grass Cloth green ground cover

Anti-grass is made of polyester fiber and has excellent water resistance, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance.

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Ground Cover Weed Mat Anti-Grass Cloth green ground cover

■ Since the weed-proof sheet is heat-treated on the surface, it is difficult for the fibers to spread between the fibers, and the penetration resistance

It is extremely powerful and has a strong weed control effect even on weeds with strong penetration.

■ Since the fibers are arranged in layers by needle punching, water permeability and breathability are maintained.

■ It has a high porosity, compression resistance, and cushioning effect, which are also the characteristics of non-woven fabrics.

■ Since the fibers are arranged in a physical layer, it has excellent water permeability and breathability, and is transparent due to pressure clogging, etc.

There is almost no deterioration in water performance.

■ It can be easily cut and spliced, and exhibits excellent workability.

■ Weed growth prevention in power facilities, etc.

■ Planting control in the median strip of the road.

Product Information:

Part number




Tensile strength (Longitudinal)

Tensile strength (Horizontal)

Elongation rate(Longitudinal)

Elongation rate(Horizontal)

Passing rate

Water permeability coefficient

SKE-NGS-01 1.7MM
2.2M*50M/ROLL 350G/MM2
40% 45% 0.1% 230(G/M2.H)
SKE-NGS-02 1.7MM 2.0M*50M/ROLL 350G/MM2 373.6N 350N 40% 45% 0.1% 230(G/M2.H)


● With sufficient thickness and surface heat treatment, the shading rate is 99% or more, from under the weeds.

Prevents weeds from sprouting due to push-ups and natural species.

● Prevents mud through water.

● Service life: 7-8 years

● The maximum life of PET material is 10 years.


Anti-Grass Cloth can be used in such a place power facilities, undercarriage and idle land, railway facilities, median strips of roads, around farms, etc.

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