Anti-Grass cloth

Aluminum reflective weed proof sheet for double-sided power generation panel

You can use grass-proof cloth in these places: power facilities, underground passages and idle land, railway facilities, road center lines, around rice fields, etc.

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Aluminum reflective weed proof sheet for double-sided power generation panel

Our aluminum grass-proof cloth has a reflectivity of 95%! A hard adhesive layer with aluminum purity of 99.9%! Nonflammable! Because it reflects the light hitting the ground, it also inhibits the growth of weeds.

Product Information:

Part number


Tensile strength CD (Side)

Specifications 1.2*250M/ROLL Tensile strength MD (Longitudinal) 250N/mm2
Weight 110 G/M2

Purity of guaifen




Thin film alumite (surface) + glass fiber (adhesive layer) + PE (back)

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