SUNKEAN 10th Anniversary Celebration Was Held Successfully Aug 27,2023

"More customers, more patents; refined products, reduced costs, and increased efficiency", said Wang Dongsheng, founder of SUNKEAN. The 10th-anniversary celebration of Wuxi Sunkean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was held at the Taihu Lake Huayi Hotel in Wuxi from 1:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Beijing time on August 5 and was a complete success. During the event, founder Wang Dongsheng emphasized that the future goal of SUNKEAN remains focused on ''Solving the energy problem only''. And the company will always practice customer-centricity and hard work.

August 5, 2023, is a date about the 10th anniversary of the founding of Wuxi Sunkean Energy Technology Co. Ltd.  SUNKEAN has grown from a team of four or five to a medium-sized private enterprise with more than 100 employees. Our customers are located in more than ten countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, Australia, Germany, Spain, Thailand, and the Philippines. The product type has been expanded from photovoltaic cables to more diversified products such as fences, collector cables, energy storage cables, solar panels systems, and so on. The annual sales volume has exceeded 300 million. In the future, SUNKEAN will continue to plow into the new energy field, is expected to cooperate with more new energy companies to develop more high-quality products, and is committed to solving all the connectivity problems related to energy.

The 10th-anniversary event consisted of a general mobilization activity in the afternoon and a celebration in the evening. During the event, founder Wang Dongsheng shared his experience of starting and running the company during its 10th anniversary from 2013-2023. The hardship of pioneering, the 08 financial crisis, and the epidemic… During the ten years of combing with the wind and rain, SUNKEAN people have always struggled hard. Meanwhile, Zhu Xinquan and Tang Qi, the company's first-generation employees, shared their feelings and thoughts about their participation in the company's trip to Tibet. Employee commendation meeting , and more than ten awards were presented, including Excellent Employees, Excellent Managers, Excellent Team, and Strivers. The event was a complete success.

At 18:30 Beijing time, the 10th-anniversary dinner party officially started. The company invited an excellent band to cheer up and performed songs such as Zhang San's Song and Yellow. Then all the staff celebrated the birthday of the staff who had a birthday this month. In the event, there are three rounds of games and lucky draws. The employees actively participated, which brought the atmosphere of the whole event to a climax. At the end of the celebration, three new colleagues from the marketing department also presented Let me stay by your side to celebrate SUNKEAN's birthday.

"Seek truth from facts, adhere to customer-centered, and work hard". SUNKEAN has been practicing this philosophy for ten years and has become a leader in the new energy industry. In the future, SUNKEAN will continue to focus on customers and build the next brilliant decade together.

Let's congratulate SUNKEAN on its 10th birthday, and let's make it better and better and continue to be brilliant!

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