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Resonating with The Times, SUNKEAN opens a new journey of Australia's full energy exhibition! Oct 19,2023

All-Energy Australia is the largest and most anticipated event on the Australian clean energy industry's annual calendar. The theme covers a number of fields, focusing on the development of emerging industries, the latest trend innovation, etc.

The theme of the exhibition is clean and renewable energy. Exhibits on all forms of clean and renewable energy, including solar, wind, wave and tidal energy, clean coal, carbon sequestration and energy efficiency, are dedicated to all forms of clean and renewable energy activities.

Promoting the process of carbon neutrality has risen to the national strategy, and green development has undoubtedly become the background color of The Times. In the concept of sustainable development has become the consensus of all mankind today, SUNKEAN insists on focusing on the field of renewable energy, providing global customers with light, storage and punching solutions. Resonating with The Times, SUNKEAN invites you to promote the new process of clean energy together.

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