SUNKEAN wiring harness won the ETL certificate to assist the North American market Sep 02,2022

Recently, SUNKEAN's Photovoltaic Wiring Harness products successfully passed the test of Intertek Intertek Group and completed the certification process, and were awarded the Intertek ETL certificate. The acquisition of the ETL certificate will provide a credible third-party product quality certificate for SUNKEAN Photovoltaic Wiring Harness products to enter the North American market, making it easier for buyers to accept product quality data.

The Intertek ETL certification mark has a high degree of recognition in the North American market, providing a strong quality assurance for Chinese manufacturing to go global. SUNKEAN's tested Photovoltaic Wiring Harness products are suitable for a wide variety of solar installations, and pre-assembled solutions improve consistency and quality, and reduce on-site labor and waste, thereby reducing the total installation cost of your project. SUNKEAN provides various solutions for the solar photovoltaic industry. From string wire kits to complex custom wiring harnesses using overmolded connectors (X, T, Y), we provide end-to-end source circuit wiring solutions.

SUNKEAN has a strong technical team and strong manufacturing strength, and strictly controls the production process with strict technical standards, in order to provide global customers with high-quality products and technical support.

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