SUNKEAN"TQCM Month" Activity Launched Mar 01,2023

Today, SUNKEAN "TQCM (Total quality cost management) Month" activity was officially launched. All SUNKEAN employees actively participated in this meeting.

During the activity, SUNKEAN will actively carry out "Golden Ideas" activities and encourage employees to make reasonable suggestions to achieve enterprise cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Suggestions can involve:

  • Cost reduction program: reduce purchase price, reduce waste, reduce wastage, reduce defects, reduce rework, reduce environmental safety risks
  • Efficiency improvement program: Workflow improvement, scientific and technological innovation, production equipment improvement, process improvement.

The main purpose of this activity is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises by strengthening cost control, reducing supply chain costs, eliminating waste, strengthening internal management, and improving economic efficiency on the premise of guaranteeing high-quality products through total quality cost management.

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